• Kerry Thewlell

Six Reasons To Socialize Your Dog

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

  • Help Develop Confidence

  • Reduce fear and anxiety

  • Good Exercise

  • Reduce dog aggression

  • Find their BFF

  • Promote Healthy Dog lives

Socialization is the best way to have a happy , well rounded and sociable dog.

The idea is to help dogs feel safe and comfortable with different sights sounds,situations,people ,dogs and much more .

Desensitization and Counter conditioning

These two training protocols come together Desensitization is the systematic exposure of a dog or (person) to something that used to scare them but no longer does through the process of desensitization. Counter conditioning pairs that trigger with something awesome like a high value treat .

Its never too late to start socializing your dog better late than never .

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