Normal dryers are loud: scare your dog, make them stressed, and also can damage their hearing ability. As well they are too hot! Dogs can overheat and they can damage their skin or fur.

  • 2 in 1 Low Noise & Temperature Dog Grooming Dryer
  • That's why our 2 in 1 Low Noise & Temperature  Dog Grooming Dryer - is the best solution! Fast, comfortable grooming, and drying of your dog!
  • GENTLE BRISTLES: Fine wire bristles for deep undercoat treatment which removes mats and tangles. Gentle enough so they won’t irritate your pet’s skin, these bristles massage the skin, encourage blood circulation, and lead to shiny fur. 
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: It is small, lightweight, and you can take it wherever you go.

    SAFE GROOMING BLOWER WITH ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This hair dryer has an auto power shut-off function. If the temperature gets too high, the safety monitor will stop the appliance immediately. It will restart after it cools down.


Pet Hair Dryer 2 Temperature Dog Grooming Comb 300W Electric Hot Air Comb

14 Ounces





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